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Spelljammer: Beyond The Moons

Ad Astra Per Magica

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Spelljammer is an AD&D 2nd Edition campaign setting published by TSR in the early 1990s. The product line was cancelled in 1993, but the heart of this high fantasy campaign lives on in the World Wide Web. Since its cancellation, Spelljammer has been adapted to many different game systems, including AD&D 1st Edition, D&D 3rd Edition and GURPS, among others.

This community is for the discussion and development of the Spelljammer setting and is not system specific.

This community will be operating in conjunction with the Official Spelljammer Website, Beyond The Moons, as well as the Spelljammer Mailing List.

I am Loki, the Community DM. I am a writer and developer for Beyond The Moons and a Section Manager for Planewalker, The Official Planescape Site.
I try to be restrained with my blue bolts so please be respectful of others here.

Thanks, I'll see you in Wildspace!